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Globe Hell Warning

Sep 15, 2021

Do you need to always be good to be good? Or is sometimes good to say "weeeeeeeeeeeeellll, I'll be. How about me be nasty?"? Sometimes to get the job done you need to roll up your sleeves and reach in the toilet and touch the turds "Lets get nasty!"

Sep 8, 2021

The the  the the the, the the? The? The the the the the the the. The! THE THE THE!!!!

Sep 1, 2021

We've all on occasion ate a bunch of food and said something like "I think I have a food baby". Usually a baby doesn't come out you just go dump, but what if one did? Pull it out the toilet and treat it like a child of your own? Would it get your arms all poopy? Is it made of poop? How do you make an egg pregnant?

Aug 25, 2021

Humanities constant driving around has created too much green house gas which is melting the icebergs. Water levels are rising! What the hell are you gonna do? Nothing and die? Or will you come up with a solution to create new icebergs? Your choice, but we chose to save the planet: Flush: The World Wide Iceberg

Aug 18, 2021

Al Gore: The Internet is a series of tubes.
Me: Say what?
Al Gore: Naw, Nice talking to you kid. But what if instead of a series of tubes, it was a series of podcasts and those podcasts were arranged in a network?
Me: Right.
Al Gore: Well let me recommend you a podcast network: Globe Hell Family Podcast...